Nadine Lalich and her experience of abduction by aliens

Nadine Lalich and her experience of abduction by aliens

“… While waiting for my turn, I, surprisingly, felt emotionally detached – no fear! The aliens put me in their “dental” chair and implanted one implant under the crown of my molar tooth, and another tiny black “pea” was sewn into the brush of my hand. “ 
Nadine Lalich, a resident of California and our contemporary, is not accidentally called a woman of the Renaissance. The author of books, the artist-designer, the businessman, the worker of court – in a word, the person bright and many-sided, she of 19 years hid, that it is periodically abducted by aliens. Then she decided and wrote about 25 cases from personal experience in the book “Experienced with Aliens”, illustrating the text with her own drawings. 

It is curious that since 1991, Nadine, without any hypnosis, has gradually recalled almost 90% of her adventures connected with “abnormal beings”. In 2004, after a period of particularly intense contacts, she decided that she was being prevented from “coming out of the underground” of fearing her career and her personal life. But she knows a lot of things that would help others! For example, what technologies are used by aliens to “work” with earthlings.

Armchairs for experiments 

In one of the chapters of his book Nadine Lalich talks about the adaptations that mysterious kidnappers use to investigate people. One of these devices, she called a chair for access to the back. Nadine says that this is a chair of ordinary size, made of a material like acrylic, but in the form of a barrel with a back, reaching up to the floor and slightly concave inside. In the middle there is a hole in it about 20×25 centimeters, providing access to the waist of a person sitting on a chair. 

“I was put on this chair,” recalls Nadine, “and completely immobilized, as if paralyzed. They made me concentrate on what was happening at the table right in front of me. And in the meantime (and I felt it!) The “gray” stranger performed some painful procedures on my loin-maybe implanted an implant under the skin or even in the spinal cord. “ 

“They have other chairs. One of them resembles those that stand in the offices of dentists – continues his story Nadine. – This chair, standing on a support about a meter in height, is made of a smooth hard metal like a matt stainless steel. The back of it is slightly inclined to the back and narrows above. The aliens conducted their experiment, not embarrassed at all. Watching the man sitting in this chair, I noticed that the back is several inches above the head, so that the subject could not have looked back. In addition, his elongated arms were fixed on long rectangular metal panels-armrests. Aliens were free to manipulate the head and hands of the seated. I watched the man planted in this chair with a man screaming in horror, and then three “gray” men began to take hold of his head and hands. “ 

During one of the kidnappings, Nadin was seated at the table, and in front of her put two round jars of transparent glass. One of the jars, about two centimeters deep and more than six in diameter, was covered with a lid-like lid, through which the woman saw a caterpillar about 2.5 centimeters long in the jar. 

“For some reason I thought that the aliens would force me to eat this abomination,” Nadine writes in her book. But when the cap was removed, it turned out that it was not a caterpillar, but a sort of tiny comb much smaller in size, it seemed through a magnifying glass – just a millimeter three long. This implant, according to Nadine, was inserted into her nasal cavity. 

One night 

One day Nadine woke up in the middle of the night. Something made her get up and leave the house in her nightdress. With surprise, she saw that many of her neighbors were also in their own yard in a hypnotic state.“Having descended from the porch,” recalls Nadine, “I felt fear. Through the fence, I saw another group of people in their underwear – those, like somnambulists, were walking along the street towards us. Standing in front of the house, I peered into the clear summer sky and saw several triangular UFOs hovering at an altitude of about thirty meters. Suddenly, small “plates” flew out of them. Regardless of each other, they began to decline. “ 

A minute later, one of these objects landed at Nadine’s feet. It was a silver disc about 20 centimeters in diameter with a notch running from the edge to the center. On the disk were engraved strange icons or, perhaps, letters, representing tiny rectangular grooves. “Immediately I realized that these disks are special devices that gather information about people or groups of people who are decided to kidnap, transfer information on board the mother ship, and determine their location and notify nearby spacecraft.” 

When the hour of X comes 

In his book, Nadine describes two different devices designed to affect the subconscious of people. During one of the abductions, so-called training sessions were conducted with her. On the table in front of her put a rectangular box about 30x10x2.5 cm in size from a transparent material. When it was opened, she began glowing gently from the inside. 

There were many thin translucent sheets, stitched on one side, like pages in a book, and on them there were some symbols cut out in a sheet and covered with a transparent, shimmering film. According to Nadin, this film contains some information – like a computer diskette. Nadine was ordered to concentrate on these symbols and, it seems to her, she subconsciously absorbed some information. 

Another version of the device for programming is a set of ten transparent tubes with a height of 15 to 45 centimeters, glowing from the inside and filled with some liquid. From them came the sounds of different frequencies. During the experiment, there was certainly a “duty officer” nearby. 

“This insectoid-type creature resembled a huge mantis,” Nadine says. “It scanned my brain or carried out some other kind of telepathic control.” As Nadin suggests, aliens at the same time introduce certain commands or behaviors into the human subconscious that can be activated when the X-hour comes. 

Underground “octopus” 

Nadine talks about the terrible spectacle, which she witnessed during one of the training sessions. At the same time there were several tall white aliens. Before Nadine placed a screen on which, demonstrated a variety of video. She was shown a certain situation from the future, when the aliens’ mass arrival on Earth will take place. First, a large capsule appeared on the screen resembling a badminton shuttlecock. This capsule descended from the night sky into the desert, about 20-30 kilometers from the city reminiscent of Las Vegas. 

Touching the ground, the capsule began to rotate rapidly, simultaneously opening, like a bud of a flower, and pushing in all its “petal-tentacles”, which began to bite into the ground and simultaneously lengthen. After them, the capsule also went to a depth of several hundred meters and there it turned into a kind of octopus 15 meters in diameter with a dozen 30-meter tentacles diverge in all directions. Completely entrenched in the ground, the massive object continued to rotate rapidly in the cavity dug by it, generating some energy, which, according to the “instructors”, could physically affect the people of the whole city. 

“Thus,” Nadine sums up, “the aliens demonstrated to me their ability to control us not only individually through telepathy or brain scanning: they made it clear that their technologies can control the nervous system and the brain of many people at the same time. Their intentions, I think, are that when landing aliens on Earth, one could at once introduce into the passive, peaceful state the maximum number of people who after that would be easy to manipulate. “ 


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