The spooky story of the school “El Paso High School”

The spooky story of the school “El Paso High School”

One of the oldest buildings in the city of El Paso Texas (100 years old). Within the walls of this school children tell a very chilling story.

According to the legend, on the fourth floor of the school there is a corridor that has been closed to the public for several decades. They say that in this corridor every day there is fog, and from the roof a strange sticky substance drips. At the end of the corridor there is a staircase that leads to the terrace, which is also closed. All these singularities, as they say, began after the tragic accident that happened here 36 years ago to be more exact since 1981.

It is said that in this school there was a girl who was cheerleader of the football team (cheerleader). She met a guy from the soccer team, and when he left her, she fell into a deep depression. Absolutely crazy of unrequited love, she cut her wrists and threw herself down the balcony to her death.

Since then, some people claimed to have seen the ghost of a young woman who was on the balcony and waved her hand. Others claimed to have seen a ghost that jumped from the balcony and disappeared before reaching the ground. There are students and teachers who have said to hear noises, and even to have seen a very pale girl with old clothes crying. In the corridor moans have been heard, although it was empty; A few people have seen a girl crying there. Rumors and legends about the El Paso school ghosts continued for decades.

In the main entrance of the school there was an important proof of the truth of this legend: the photo of the class of 1985.

All the children in the photograph are clear, except for a girl, whose features were blurred. Other children that appear in the photo affirmed that there was no girl near them when the photo was taken. Nobody knew who this girl was.

About 15 years ago, some teachers and students were forced to stay in school because of a snowstorm. With nothing to do, they decided to explore the old school building, from the tunnels in the basement. They walked down the narrow corridor, and in the end, it turned out to be a brick wall blocking the way. The bricks were old and the cement between them was beginning to crumble.

One of the teachers pressed the bricks, the wall broke and collapsed, exposing a large, dark room. When the torch lit up the room, they realized that it was an age class whose entrance was walled up.

The unusual discovery surprised everyone. The class was very small, with compact tables, even the notebook with school records appeared on the floor. Everything was covered by a thick layer of dust, and no one could understand why this class was suddenly abandoned and no one returned to collect their belongings.

A teacher pulled an open book, covered in dust, from the desk. Leafing through, he realized it was a young woman’s diary. All the pages of the notebook were full of declarations of love for a boy, drawn in the notebook hearts and tears: “Izrisovany”. On the last page of the notebook was the suicide note …

Several years ago, one of the teachers of the school stayed working, checking notebooks of their students. When everything was finished and ready to leave, around 23:00, he approached the door and saw someone next to the dim red light of “Exit”. It was a girl in a blue dress. Thinking that it was one of his students, the teacher asked him what he was doing at that time, told him to leave home.

She turned and looked at him, in his eyes there was incredible pain and sadness. When the teacher approached him, he realized that she was not standing on the ground, but floating in the air. She began to fade, into the darkness of the corridor, then disappeared completely.

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