Mystery rock wall is 330,000 years old and proves ancient race lived on Earth – huge claims

Mystery rock wall is 330,000 years old and proves ancient race lived on Earth – huge claims

A MAN-made structure, believed to be thousands of years old, could re-write the history books and prove there were previous, unknown settlers on Earth.

The Kaimanawa Wall, in Lake Taupo, New Zealand, first came into the public eye after archaeologist Barry Brailsford raised questions some 38 years ago.

He suggested an ancient civilisation known as the Waitaha built it, before the official settlers of New Zealand arrived around 1200AD.

While the age of the structure was thought to be an estimated 2000 years old, a new video posted to YouTube by Mystery History claims the formation was created more than 330,000 years ago.

It points to the suggestions of “official geologists” from over the years, particularly in relation to the megalithic stone blocks with symmetrical corners.

“They claim the block shapes were produced by fractures in the rock.

“It seems scholars are happy to date such sites, but extremely reluctant to attribute any intelligent design within their creation.

“Could the Kaimanawa wall be a 330,000-year-old man-made wall?

“A wall built by the same people who created sites from around the world.

“We find such possibilities highly compelling.”

The claims have sparked some huge allegations from viewers.

One said: “It seems like a lot of relics like these are found, but the mainstream says it’s a hoax or natural formation like here.”

And another added: “If you believe textbooks written by the system then you’re a sucker, plain and simple.”

Before a third stated: “This is more evidence of a specialised race of ancient global builders of temples.”

Since Brailsford’s publication in 1990, in which he also suggested the structure was linked to walls in Egypt, South America and other civilisations – the government has completely shut off the site to the public.



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