Cops claim that mice ate half a ton of missing marijuana (Video)

Cops claim that mice ate half a ton of missing marijuana (Video)

Eight police officers in Argentina who were fired were so desperate that they put the blame on mice and claimed the rodents ate half a ton of marijuana that had gone missing.

13,000 Pounds of Cannabis Left in Warehouse

The cannabis was noticed to be missing when police made an inspection of the warehouse in which it was stored in Pilar in Argentina. Javier Specia, the former police commissioner, had left 13,000 pounds of cannabis unsigned when stepping down from his post one year ago. The successor to him conducted a search with officers and found that half a ton of the substance was missing.

Food experts from Buenos Aires University said that there is no way that the mice would have mistaken the cannabis for food. They went on to say that even if the mice had found it and thought it was food they would have found a huge group of dead mice in the warehouse, after ingesting it.

Internal Affairs Were Called In After Shortfall Was Discovered

The cannabis had been stored 60km from Buenos Aires for more than two years. 6,000kg was initially stored and registered but upon inspection only 5, 460kg was found remaining in the warehouse. Upon noticing the huge shortfall commissioner, Emilio Portero notified the internal affairs department, and they made an inspection of the warehouse.

Specia and three police officers were called before Judge Adrian Gonzalez Charvay, and all three men gave the same explanation for the missing cannabis, the mice had eaten it. Now the four police officers will be called before the judge to testify on May 4. The job of the judge will be to find out if the missing cannabis is the result of negligence by the police. Specia is also looking at facing an internal police investigation as he has failed to present his 2017 sworn income statement.

The case suggests that both the eight police officers and commissioner took the missing cannabis and had lived off the profits after selling it on the streets. On the other hand, there are many dazed and confused mice living on the streets of Buenos Aires.


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