Rothschild Tells Trump to “Shut The F* Up” About Reforming Their Federal Reserve Bank

Rothschild Tells Trump to “Shut The F* Up” About Reforming Their Federal Reserve Bank

David Rothschild, ultra-liberal scion of the wealthiest jewish banking dynasty in the world, has gone on a profane Twitter rant against President Donald Trump who dared to criticize their Federal Reserve Bank, one of the main sources of the Rothschild’s ill-gotten wealth:

Rothschild is correct that Trump’s criticisms of the Fed can shake the confidence of the market because the market is a con game where there is an unspoken rule that no one questions the validity of the Federal Reserve Bank, which is not a Federal U.S. government bank at all, but rather a private consortium of banks owned and/or dominated by the jewish banking dynasty, the Rothschilds.  The Fed basically “loans” the U.S. government its own money and charges them interest on this loan, making it impossible to ever pay off this debt to the jewish bankers — the ultimate Ponzi Scheme.

So Trump’s criticisms of the Fed are also misleading, because the problem with the Fed isn’t that they don’t have a “feel” for the true nature of the U.S. economy, but rather that it even has a rational justification for its very existence.  According to the U.S. Constitution, only the U.S. Congress has the right to vote on issuing money, not the Fed, a private bank.  The Fed is constitutionally illegal, and is the only reason we pay income tax — to pay the interest on the debt to these jewish bankers to issue our own money.  That’s why Rothschild is really worried about Trump’s comments.



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