Is This The Most Terrifying Clothing Line Ever?

Is This The Most Terrifying Clothing Line Ever?

Would you pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to wear your worst nightmares? Well, creatives Kayla Arena and Toby Barron have created a creepy clothing series that is designed to look as if it was made from human flesh. They called it the Ed Gein, and anyone can order a piece on their Etsy. It’s definitely some of the creepiest pieces of clothing ever.

If you’re wondering, Edward Theodore “Ed” Gein was one of America’s most infamous killers and body snatchers. His crimes gained attention when authorities discovered Gein was exhuming corpses from nearby graveyards and designing trophies from their skin and bones. Movies like Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and others were inspired by the life of this horrific man.

The main components of these handmade monstrosities are latex, silicone, and jacket. The creators claim that the “Drop Dead Sexy Boots” and other creations are “hand sewn together with love and spooky thoughts” to “make sure you stand out from the crowd”, but it’s hard to believe that anyone would like to look like Freddy Krueger in honor of a mad serial killer. What do you think about this series?

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#1 Ankle Boots

#2 Jacket

#3 Unisex Wallet

#4 Vintage Lamp

#5 Wallet

#6 Purse

#7 Bowler Hat

#8 Guitar Strap

#9 Ankle Boots

#10 Hat

#11 Bra

#12 Make Up Case

#13 Boots

#14 Mens Wallet

#15 Wallet

#16 Cigarette Case

#17 Wallet

#18 Coin Purse

#19 Vintage Lamp

#20 Skin Chair

#21 Iphone 6 Case

#22 Ipad Mini Case

#23 Mens Wallet

#24 Vintage Lamp

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#25 Vintage Lamp

#26 Vintage Lamp

#27 Cigarette Flip Case


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