Woman collects 2000 used condoms and decorates her room

Woman collects 2000 used condoms and decorates her room

A woman named Tonje is investing in a very unusual collection. She is collecting used condoms and intends to reach the 10,000 condom mark in her collection. To reach that mark, she’s counting, even with the help of her father. 

This unusual habit, and even a little disgusting, caught our eye. It is true that many people in the world have strange hobbies, but collecting used condoms is one of the most bizarre behaviors ever reported. 

Contrary to what people may think, this hobby is not about a fetish or an obsessive behavior for sex. In this case, the woman collects the condoms for fun.

While condoms are important at a time when the emphasis on safe sex is greater than ever, the 27-year-old Norwegian woman has taken things to a new level. She has already collected thousands of used condoms and displays her collection on the wall of her bedroom. Tonje says he already has more than 2,000 condoms used on display, for everyone to see.

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Tonje began collecting condoms in 2010 when he asked the boyfriend to keep the condom he had just used because she liked the smell. Her boyfriend found it unpleasant and separated from her after a while. Then she started to ask her friends to have sex on her bed, so she could keep the used condom.

But this was just the beginning. Today Tonje has thousands of condoms, including some for which she has paid more than $77 to have. 

The woman does not intend to stop collecting the condoms. She has been asking for the help of many people, even her father’s friends, to increase the collection and achieve her goal of 10,000 used condoms. 

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