Donation scandal: The Red Cross built in Haiti with 500 million exactly 6 houses!

Donation scandal: The Red Cross built in Haiti with 500 million exactly 6 houses!

They promised to build hundreds of thousands of homes for people left homeless by the devastating earthquake, but they have massively failed. To date, they have built only six houses, although about half a billion dollars were donated.

The Red Cross claimed to build 130,000 homes for the earthquake survivors, but so far only 6 houses have been built and the victims no longer believe that anything could change now.

Many regions have been devastated by the earthquake and have been hastily set up from any waste and many people still have no access to clean water. A big shame, considering that in the USA alone 500’000’000 dollars were donated.

As the main reason for the monumental failure, the Red Cross indicates organizational problems such as construction law, lack of language skills of employees and the like. But you do not need to be a genius to realize that the bill does not work out:

“Five hundred million in Haiti is a lot of money,”  said Jean-Max Bellerive, who was Prime Minister of Haiti until 2011. “I’m not a big mathematician, but the numbers make no sense.”

Reacting to the claim of the Red Cross that all the money was needed to help 4,5 million Haitians get back on their feet, Bellerive reacted quite confused:

“No, no, not possible! We do not have this population in the area affected by the earthquake. You know – 4.5 million were 100 percent of the city area in 2010. One hundred percent! That would mean that the American Red Cross served all the cities of Haiti.”

It is also interesting that the Red Cross refused to hand over a detailed list of the expenses. But soon after, e-mails showed up, showing how serious the donations are handled.

Gail McGovern wrote an e-mail to her executive in November 2013 stating that a specific housing project will be canceled:

“We still have $ 20 million in the quota. Any ideas on how to spend the rest? (Apart from the wonderful helicopter idea?) Can we finance Conrad Hospital? Or more about [Partners in Health]? More protection projects? “

Red Cross officials did not want to comment on the “helicopter idea”, but it’s a common industry clue to give away money – like dropping out of a helicopter.

In 2015, it also appeared that McGovern was unfairly trying to prevent the US Congress from investigating the donation scandal. She is still CEO of the US Red Cross and earns half a million a year.

At least since it became officially known that several well-known “relief organizations” such as Oxfam and all involved in the  UNO MASSIV on human trafficking and pedophile rings, it is hard to understand that still so many donations are flowing into these criminal organizations.

Conclusion: Unfortunately, the terrible crimes of the cabal can not be stopped in a jiffy, but those who are properly informed know at least whom nothing should be donated.

On the other hand, such scandals once again prove that the Deep State really exists; a criminal network that organizes such machinations behind the scenes and always lets the perpetrators get away despite overwhelming evidence.

Bright spot: There are now some influential politicians who have the courage to call these crimes publicly by name. If they get enough support and can recruit capable people, the cabal will soon be held accountable.

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