Brussels, the first city to reject 5G technology. Why don’t they need holograms?

Brussels, the first city to reject 5G technology. Why don’t they need holograms?

A Belgian minister has announced that Brussels is  suspending plans to implement the 5G network  due to its health effects .

The statement was made by  Céline Fremault , Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for quality of life, environment and energy. In an interview, given last Friday to the publication with L’Echo, he claimed  :

“I cannot accept such technology if the radiation standards are not met by 5G technology. The people in Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health can sell for a profit. We can’t leave anything to chance.

The Belgian minister is of the opinion that this technology does not meet the standards of quality of life and even less the radiation standards (9 V / m or 95 mW / m2 according to this  on-line converter ). This is the main reason why she argues that Brussels is not the place where the health of citizens is endangered for a certain amount of money.

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5G situation

Hundreds of scientists around the world have launched an alarm about the damage that 5G technology will cause. Not only will man be affected by this technology, but so will the entire planet.

5G a major threat to your entire biological life? Independent  evidence indicates that yes. From here the whole debate starts and the climax is that nobody seems interested in eliminating this technology.

The 5G telephony system is a Y-GIG wireless network   that operates in bands up to 100 GHz. You need a “supported 5G” device or a receiver (modem or chip) that relays millimeter waves into your home. Dr. Devra Davis , president of the  Trust for Environmental Health , says:

” Most people don’t know that these waves vibrate several billion times per second (75 GHz is actually 75,000,000,000 cycles per second), which can induce unpleasant burning sensations on the skin .”

Human skin acts as a series of antennas that are affected by millimeter waves to cause physiological stress, as seen, manifested in pulse frequency and systolic blood pressure. The frequency of 60 GHz is the frequency at which oxygen molecules oscillate. 5G will disrupt oxygen uptake to determine oxygen deprivation in each cell, at the level of the mitochondria. Without oxygen, the liver becomes congested, and the body and brain begin to break down ( lack of oxygen is the environment conducive to the development of cancer cells, nb ).

“The research evaluated by the researchers documented the influence of the industry on the studies on the health effects of wireless radiation. We insist on a moratorium on 5G, until non-industrial research can be done to ensure the safety of the public . ”-  Dr. Joel Moskowitz , professor of public health,  University of California, Berkeley

They don’t need holograms like we have!

This measure, proposed by the Belgian minister, is a confirmation that 5G technology is not beneficial to our health. We can ask why they do not need holograms (the first concert with a hologram), and we do? The answer is probably in the resources below!

Scientific evidence confirms that 5G is doing badly

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