Vatican Secrets: The manuscript that confirms that human beings have supernatural powers

Vatican Secrets: The manuscript that confirms that human beings have supernatural powers

Human beings are endowed with extraordinary powers. The only problem is that few people know and can activate these powers or gifts from nature.

To understand the complexity of things and to understand how these secrets are hidden from the eyes of the general public.

The divine matrix of the Universe and our body

Throughout the Universe , there is an energy matrix that connects everything that exists. This matrix is ​​present in our body and in our minds and souls. It is a divine matrix. In 1944, Max Planck, the father of quantum physics, demonstrated that the entire Universe and existence or reality is mere energy and that everything around us is an illusion.

Undoubtedly, Max Planck has demonstrated the existence of the divine matrix which is pure energy. Researcher Gregg Braden, who dedicated more than 20 years to study this matrix and discovered that we live in a vibrational universe, where everything vibrates and everything is connected by these vibrations.

We do not discover this matrix because it is not a material matrix, but one made entirely of strings that vibrate at different frequencies. Braden found that our thoughts or feelings have their own vibrations. Love has the highest and purest vibration of all and this vibration can cure any disease.

DNA modification

Some scientific experiments have shown that our DNA changes in relation to the vibration we generate. Hate, greed and other negative feelings lead to DNA damage and disease. We have the power to heal or to do harm.

Moreover, through these vibrations emitted by man, reality can be modified. It all depends on how we think or perceive things around us.

Of course, this requires specific meditation and prayer techniques. Jesus talked about this, but he did not give us precise instructions on how to change our own reality, as we wish.

Hidden secrets in the Vatican

The Catholic Church has banned this knowledge for hundreds of years, but in 1946, in the caves of Qumran, a peasant discovered dozens of scrolls, including the Book of Isaiah, which teaches us prayers and rituals to change our reality.

The book of Isaiah, which is a text written over 2000 years ago, describes what quantum theories discovered only 100 years ago, that there are many realities and many worlds that can be created by concentrated intentions.

This is a very important book for humanity, because humanity is asleep and at the mercy of the different spiritual forces that manipulate us to do what they want.

In the Book of Isaiah it is a prayer that will allow us to wake up and get rid of the chains of ignorance that governments and churches have imposed on us.

Braden says we need to start practicing this prayer and accept that we create our own reality. 

According to Braden, the key to unlocking the power of this prayer is to already feel that the future we imagine is real.

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