Tory candidate says disabled people should be paid less as they ‘don’t understand money’

Tory candidate says disabled people should be paid less as they ‘don’t understand money’

A candidate for the Conservative party has been branded ‘shameful’ after suggesting people with disabilities should receive less pay because “they don’t understand money”.

Sally Ann-Hart, who is standing for the party in Hasting and Rye, shared an article about national minimum wage to her official Facebook page which suggested disabled people should be paid less.

The article has since been deleted.

It was, however, brought up at a hustings event where the candidate doubled down on her claims.

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Video shows a constituent asking Ann-Hart: “You shared an article to your Facebook page saying disabled people should be paid less than the minimum wage, would you care to defend that?”

James Taylor, Head of Policy, Campaigns and Public Affairs at the disability equality charity Scope, said: “These opinions are outdated, inexcusable, and should be consigned to history.

“Disabled people should be paid equally for the work that they do.

“There are a million disabled people who want to work, but are denied the opportunity. We need urgent action from the next Government to make sure disabled people can get into work, stay in work and thrive in work.”

The candidate has been slammed for her comments online, which forced her to release a ‘prepares statement’ to her Facebook page. She said: “For the avoidance of doubt, I was trying to emphasise that more needs to be done to help those with learning disabilities into the workplace and having properly paid work. I did not say anyone should be paid less.

“My comments have been taken out of context, but I do apologise if any offence or alarm has been caused. The number of disabled people in work has hit a record high under this government, and I am committed to doing more to supporting those with learning disabilities into good, secure jobs.”


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