Tommy Robinson ‘Arrested Over Assault At Center Parcs Pool’

Tommy Robinson ‘Arrested Over Assault At Center Parcs Pool’

Former English Defence League leader, Tommy Robinson whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, 37, from Bedford has been arrested on ‘suspicion of common assault’ after allegedly ‘smacking’ a male holidaymaker square in the face in an altercation at a Center Parcs swimming pool.

Robinson is well known for his far-right and anti-Islam views and activism in politics for many years – serving as a political advisor to former UKIP leader Gerard Batten.

Tommy was visiting the Woburn Forest resort when reports suggest he confronted a man before punching him in the face.

The man allegedly ‘sustained an injury to his face’ and ‘received first aid at the scene’ a spokesman for Bedfordshire police has revealed.

Tommy insists he was ‘acting lawfully’ to ‘prevent a man he believed had committed a sexual crime against a child from leaving the scene’.

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A spokesman for Center Parcs UK said: “I can confirm that an incident occurred at Center Parcs Woburn Forest on Sunday afternoon to which the police attended”.

Bedfordshire police said in a statement that: “A 37-year-old man from Bedford was arrested on suspicion of common assault and has been bailed until April 2. An investigation is ongoing”.

Robinson only walked free from HMP Belmarsh a maximum-security prison after serving just two months of his sentence which saw him in segregation for his own safety for contempt of court in September last year.

Robinson was convicted of live streaming a video which featured defendants in an Asian sex grooming trial putting the case at risk of collapse.

On his release with a shaggy beard and uncut hair, he was greeted by a crowd of supporters and later joked that he looked like a ‘ginger cowardly convert’ as his bodyguards stood behind him.

Former UKIP leader, Gerard Batten has taken to Twitter to defend Robinson slamming reports surrounding Tommy’s arrest as lies.

In a tweet this morning, Batten wrote: “The lying Sun strikes again. No mention that TR [Tommy Robinson] was trying to detain a man who allegedly groped his 8 yr old daughter in a swimming pool until the police eventually turned up”.

In another tweet, Caldron Pool says: “The man was allegedly in the children’s swimming pool with three other males and no children of their own”.

According to TR News, Robinson’s 8-year old daughter was playing in the pool when a middle-aged man approached, allegedly ‘grabbing the young girl’s behind as he went by’.

Robinson’s daughter then reportedly told her father and identified the man in question – it is then that Robinson approached him and confronted him to which the man allegedly said it was ‘by mistake’.

Reports continue that when the man attempted to leave, Robinson restrained him and would not let him go until the authorities were properly notified.

This led to a struggle and the man ended up with a ‘bleeding nose and a black eye’.

TR News has released the following footage of the arrest, including the young girl’s account of what happened.

Warning strong language:

Robinson can be seen swearing profusely at officers as he was arrested defending his actions and shares a clip of his daughter describing what had happened.

Tommy explains that his friend had been staying at the resort and offered him and his family guest passes to join them for the day where he attended alongside his wife and children.

Tommy then says that he asked the man who he was at the resort with (as it is a family resort) to which the man replied he was there with three other men – “no children and no women”.

Robinson continues to share footage of his communications with officers after the incident that reveals he had in fact called police himself to deal with the man who allegedly touched his daughter’s bottom – but instead of arresting the man in question, Tommy found himself arrested for ‘common assault’.

The police can be heard telling Robinson that they would be ‘investigating’ the issue Tommy had reported but would be arresting Robinson for ‘ABH’.

Officers continue to inform Tommy that they needed to speak with his wife and daughter again prior to the arrest of the man in question in regard to Tommy’s allegations.


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