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This Is The Gay Bathhouse The Vatican’s Cardinals Live Next To

by Mysterious Times
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This is the website for Europa Multiclub in Rome:

Above Europa Multiclub lives Cardinal Ivan Dias, one of the most vocally anti-gay cardinals in the Vatican, who has called for a cure for the “unnatural” gay community.

The Vatican recently spent $30 million buying the properties surrounding Europa, giving Cardinal Dias a 12-room suite above the gay bathhouse. Eighteen other Cardinals live on the block.

Europa Multiclub, described by the New York Post as a “gay Xanadu,” heavily advertises papal-themed bear nights on its website.

Here’s a slightly NSFW video advertising Europa’s Subwoofer Sauna Nights, featuring a burly gentleman dressed as a priest who proceeds to *ahem* defrock:

From Europa Multiclub’s digital tour on its website:

As for what the club is actually like, the reviews online aren’t terrific:

This isn’t the first questionable Vatican purchase in recent memory either. In 2011, the Vatican bought a publishing company with extensive catalog of erotica novels.

Source www.buzzfeednews.com

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