‘Widows a speciality, spinsters delighted’: Business card from ‘Percy Long Prong’ offering services for 10 shillings an hour – including 15 shillings for ‘three strokes’ with a whip as extras – is found during house restoration

‘Widows a speciality, spinsters delighted’: Business card from ‘Percy Long Prong’ offering services for 10 shillings an hour – including 15 shillings for ‘three strokes’ with a whip as extras – is found during house restoration

  • Man discovers card for a ‘Percy Long Prong’ underneath floorboards of a house
  • The racy ‘business card’ promises customers, particularly widows, a good time
  • Bizarre discovery offers prices in old British currency for a variety of ‘services’

A business card from a ‘Percy Long Prong’ offering services that will leave spinsters ‘delighted,’ at a cost of 10 shillings an hour has left internet users in hysterics.

An image of the card was posted on Reddit and appears to show how he charged customers up 50 shillings a night. And they would also get their money’s worth, with ‘two times guaranteed’.

But potential customers were warned that Percy offered a strict ‘cash before mounting’ policy. 

The hilarious calling card was first posted on the image sharing website Imgur, then uploaded to Reddit where it soon became an internet hit.

It is unclear exactly where it was found, and when, but the original poster claimed that it was discovered under floorboards during a house restoration.

A business card belonging to ‘Percy Long Prong,’ was unearthed from beneath the floorboards of an old house last week. It guarantees satisfaction and describes widows as a ‘specialty’ – but customers are warned to pay cash ‘before mounting’

Filled with a list of his services and a section on ‘extras’ the X-rated card promises to give ‘extra attention to neglected married women’. However, widows appear to be Percy’s ‘speciality’. 

It lists a variety of services including ‘saliva exchange,’ ‘whips and scourges,’ and the mysterious ‘bubble shake’. 

Posting the card on image sharing website Imgur, an unnamed user wrote: ‘Friend works as restorer. Just found this under floorboards of old property he’s working on.’ 

Potential customers are guaranteed satisfaction, but it would cost them 10 shillings for an hour – or 15 for the whole night.   

Percy’s card also pledges: ‘Maidens treated gently,’ and ‘spinsters delighted.’

Social media users were delighted with that pledge, as one wrote: ‘That’s a male prostitute with class.’

Vaseline, ‘if needed,’ would cost 5 pence, while there are specific services that include the words ‘caress,’ ‘positions,’ and ‘insertions’.

Adjusted for inflation, Percy’s top price of 50 shillings for a night alone looks to be worth around £50 in today’s money. 

The comical card may not be all it appears though – as it jokes ‘Percy gives Green Shield stamps,’ a sales promotion scheme dating back to the 1950s. 

Responding to the picture, which has also been ‘liked,’ more than 18,000 times on Twitter, one person wrote: ‘I also love the idea of buying a blender or something with green shield stamps from Mr Long Prong.’ 

Another said: ‘Green shield stamps too. No wonder my granny had so many.’

Given the reference to Green Shield stamps, and the use of old money, the card appears to date between 1958 and 1971 – when Britain converted to modern currency. 

Despite that, it boasts that Percy treats offers all customers a ‘satisfaction guarantee’.  

A night with Percy would set a customer back about 50 shillings, which amounts to roughly £50 in today’s money – but there were more charges ‘extra attention’ such as whippings, a ‘saliva exchange,’ and vaseline

More than 133,000 people have looked at Percy’s services since it was shared online last Friday. 

Given its bizarre content and lack of contact details there are questions over whether the card is authentic, with some suggesting it is an old joke from the 1960s. 

One user looks to have discovered the card’s origin, writing on Imgur: ‘This is a joke card. Friend made “Rent-A-Scandal“ cards and left them around.’

Friends was a 1960s magazine, designed as the British equivalent of Rolling Stone. 

Some were confused by the pre-decimalisation money listed on the card, others by some of the services on offer. 

One person asked: ‘…what is a bubble shake?’  

Another commented: ‘As a spinster librarian, I’m intrigued.’

Among plenty of questions over the bizarre find, one read: ‘”Plain and Fancy” does that refer to the women of the type of service?’ 

One husband wrote: ‘Today I learned I should be charging my wife A LOT of money.’

A dog owner declared: ‘Our Dachshund, Percy has a new addition to his name.’

Source www.dailymail.co.uk

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