Monkey Tail Beards Have Become The New Facial Trend Of 2021

Monkey Tail Beards Have Become The New Facial Trend Of 2021

We’re not even a month into 2021 and already it’s turning out to be a rather odd year, with the sort of fashion trends that can only emerge from spending a lot of time indoors with only your chaotic jumble of thoughts for company.

Out of this strange era has sprouted the ‘monkey tail beard’, which looks very much like as the name would suggest and yet somehow even more bizarre.

This beard is shaped to look rather like a monkey’s tail curling around a the wearer’s face. It starts as a sideburn, curving under the chin and then around the lip, finishing with a moustache.

From what I can glean from pictures, although I am no expert, it looks like this look can be created by a bearded man shaving one cheek as well as a little patch below his lip. And absolutely fair play to them in my opinion.

With lockdown measures well underway, many of us are now getting pretty bored of staring at our own blank faces during Zoom calls and Facetime catchups. I completely understand the need to shake things up a bit in an unexpected way.

Plus, with many of us working from home, now is weirdly quite a good time to experiment with new trends that you might otherwise feel a bit too shy to try out otherwise. There is no-one to judge you right now except for your pets, and that is freeing in many ways.

I myself, although beardless, feel the urge on a daily basis to dye my hair pink and know it’s only a matter of time before I attempt some patchy DIY bleach job.

Although very much a 2021 facial trend, this style can be traced back to September 2019, when MLB baseball player Mike Fiers decided to trim his beard in such a way that he knew would surprise and amuse his teammates.

Speaking at the time, Fiers explained:

They dared me to do it. They didn’t think I’d go out there and pitch with it. I didn’t care.

Fiers didn’t keep the style going for long, but the memory has lingered far longer than his quirky facial hair.

Now men all over the planet are following suit, proving that a beard genius is never appreciated in his own time. Though not everybody is a fan.

One person has tweeted:

This is not happening. I am de-manifesting this right now. Absolutely not.

Another shuddered:

‘Monkey tail beards’ make me violently uncomfortable.

Of course, fashion trends are very much there to bring a big of joy and fun to your day, and if shearing a monkey’s tail into your face will make you smile right now, I say go for it.


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